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Friendship ??

um... the exam wasn't bad ..'twas good rather .. but am not feeling beat up ... again something happened ... its about a friend and I am feeling bad about it ... hey don't worry .. am not going to bore anyone with "how bad I feel?" type post ....
Sometimes I wonder what friendship means... we might call all our acquaintances friends, we actually do - all classmates, all past and previous batchmates - everyone is a friend. But think, how many of these would really fall under the category of friends? Before that what is exactly a friend? Someone who will give his everything for you? C'mon that I believe is pretty subjective! It all depends on what you ask for. At times you may ask for trivial things and your friend might not be able to fulfill your expectation. And sometimes even strangers might give their life for you - it happens isn't it? Then how would you characterize a friend? There has to be another definition.
So let me try - one who shares his/her all secrets with you? Again, are you sure that really happens? Many of your friends might not want to share some things with you. Not because they don't trust you, but simply because you may not be a party to all of it or at times it may be social compultions that may not allow your friends to share ... but then if you don't know all about your friend then is this friendship dependable? Again I am confused!
OK, one last try - friends will always want you to be a part of their enjoyments. well to be frank, I had thought most of the times that this could have been one of the definitions. But alas! I believe this also isn't true. Many times you may not be called or asked to join ... Because you are not a fit to the group that is in question!! Like ... umm... say I am going out with my NITIE friends - then would I call in my school friend as well?? I may be would, but I don't expect anyone else to do the same. You always may get left out, even when friends are around .....
After all, we all came alone on this earth didn't we? So what's wrong if we spend our life also alone? why do you need friends ... oh my !! I am treading into philosophical territory .. better I close this post !!

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