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IM10 Wins the Annual NITIE Cricket tournament

Jo jeeta wahi sikandar !!
IM10 Wins the Annual NITIE Cricket tournament

What prospect of winning the cricket tournament does a team, which had won just 1 out of 16 matches for the past 16 months, hold? Nil, I would have said just 8 hours ago . . . but today has been a lesson in my life . . . Grit, Determination and Passion always work, irrespective of what historical data suggests!
The IM10 cricket team had been a losing team all through our NITIE life, so much so that ‘Did we win?’ had become more of a rhetorical question after every match. No-one . . . which includes me . . . believed that IM10 could win even a single match, leave alone wining the tournament. The junior teams of IM11 and IE34 had come up to be much better than ours which anyway hadn’t won last year itself.
Then one day I heard something about George – our dear friend from ISEM3 being involved, I didn’t know where? I had thought they were talking on him to be an umpire or something. But soon I was to discover that he was taken in the team as a wicketkeeper . . dunno if that made any difference, but the team surely performed better than earlier – when they won the Semis we were all elated. I thought this was the best they could do! After all it was just their second win throughout our NITIE life ;)

This is where the real story started and I quote Josyula’s report multicasted by him on IP . . . . . .
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“This is the story of not a cricket match but of 10 guys and a person who believed in them. This should go into the OB books as an official case study.

A person who defied doubts,
A person who overcame disbelief
A person who motivated 10 others to believe that they can win.
10 people who believed they can win
10 people who overcam odds to come together to play
and 10 people who finally WON.

Ladies and Gentlemen I request you to put ur hands together for Dikshit Sharma(our captain), In spite of losing a lot, he believed we can win, and trust me belief is half the battle won.

And then 10 players who believed they can win...

. . . . . and the rest as they say is history.

Thanx all for the support(Meril, Surabhi and Sudhir(who were at the field at 7 to supprot us), Alex, Joseph and Anish too)
Well Played all

Ravi-excellent running and totally out of the world sledging :))
Vamsi- excellent guerilla warfare tactics
Shubam-good opening
George-awesome keeping(including a full lenght mid air catch)
Nema-cool batting and bowling and slick fielding
Sanjeev- explosive opening and "strategic" fielding
Ganesh- batting bowling fielding, i am not qualified to comment
Tappu- splendid bowling under tough circumstances
Rohit- ice man, and bunny of the day
Dikshit- Captian Courageous and THE guy today
and finally Josh- right now drunk and expected to stay pretty much this way for the rest of the day..”

I can’t help but correlate this to MastishK. When we started no-one (which probably included some of our team-mates too) believed that we could do it, but still we did it . . . . what I regret is that having been the man who believed in this success and the man who made it till the end – how did I underestimate my batch’s cricket team!!
Success has no definitions, no boundaries, no limits and most importantly no substitutes. Nothing succeeds like success and nothing but success is worth the effort!!
In essence - Jo jeeta wahi sikandar !!!
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PS: Alex was the captain of the Cheerleading team ;) .. these posters are his handywork!!

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IM10 Wins the Annual NITIE Cricket tournament "

  1. Yaaar... U made me remember the fun we had at BIT during the cricket tournaments...
    Nice one...

  2. just happened to read this post.. it brought back the most wonderful of memories..
    at times i wonder, has all the fun, games and carefree enjoyment in my life ended with the end of my student life?? i desperately hope it has not.. i hope i can still find ways to be chill out with friends from time to time..
    i guess there is a child inside everyone of us, who just refuses to grow up..

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