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Placements!! and me . . .

I joined NITIE a week later than my batchmates because I was yet to finish my final engineering exams. By the time I joined, the committees had been formed and elections/selections were over. So in spite of will I was left out of all committees. I hadn't even dreamt that I would be involved with any activity leave alone placement of all.

Then slowly I started working - to start with it was ITS (our IT/Tech forum- now TechnoMatrix) and along the way proposed 'Online Games', which went on to become MastishK - and that was where I made a success out of a seemingly impossible task; but that's another story.

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In January we had some reorganisation in our placement and Ethics commitees (these are the two placement related commitees) and elections were held. MastishK was still in my own mind till then and work hadn't started - so I thought to contest for the Ethics Commitee elections.

I had been a part of back-office during the then concluded final placements and I had many ideas that I could implement to automate the processes, which I thought could be done by being in the Ethics Commitee. I by God's grace did get elected but soon after got busy with MastishK.

Post MastishK I took up the reigns again and soon was ready with a web-based portal for the batch to Apply to companies. Sharad complimented my work by setting up an FTP server to automate the management of Resumes. Between us - Ethics IMX has completely e-enabled the placement process for the batch.

The ethics portal has received lots an lots of appreciation from the batch, and I feel rewarded. A response from the patriach of our batch (as we call him) Sudhendu Pandey on IP -
"had it not been for the portal done by nikhil it would have been impossible for so many people to apply to so many companies in such a short time.....i remember the time during summers where people used to queue in my room and there was total chaos...Thanks baba [my nick name at NITIE :)] and good job done....ethics is the only committee that does not need cybercom . . "
All said, a good placement will be my greatest reward for all that I have done during my NITIE times . . . below is my placement portfolio as it looks on the "Ethics Portal":

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