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Back 2 school !!

Its been some time since I posted on this blog; actually am enjoying siestas and TV at home in Bhopal. Its cool here . . . am enjoying the chilly winter of Bhopal after a long time and it feels great.
I got a chance to see the latest edition of our school magazine ‘Campionite’ yesterday; it’s been 7 years now after ‘my’ Campionite. I was the editor of the Campionite when in class 11th, and I have always considered it as a major achievement of my life. My view was vindicated yesterday when I saw the latest edition. As I opened the editorial it started with – ‘Dear readers Namaskar…..’ – starting the editorial with Namaskar was a tradition that I started. In fact while in school, I gave many speeches and public addresses and I had developed a unique style of mine – starting every address with 'Namaskar', rather than a good-morning or good-evening.
Going further I found a contents page. This does not sound as anything peculiar, isn’t it? After all, a magazine should have a contents-page. But ‘The Campionite’ didn’t have one till I proposed it in the first meeting with the principal when I became the editor. The tradition or lets say system has continued since then. Turning pages forth I found interviews of teachers – another continuation of a tradition started by me. It was my idea that the editorial board must take and publish interviews of teachers and other workers of the school rather than just students’ articles.
When I left Campion, I had a feeling that many initiatives that I took while in school will be lost in the waves of time. But after going through the latest Campionite my thoughts were waived away. I did succeed in making a lasting impression on the Campionite and probably the school. Definitely Rev. Father Alphonse Tirkey (our principal) has had a great role to play in this as he has been the chief editor of the Campionite from amongst the staff.
I have taken many initiatives in NITIE as well – the Ethics portal, some initiatives in theIt forum- TechnoMatrix and most importantly: ‘MastishK’ – Indians first fully online B-school event. Only time will tell whether my initiatives in NITIE will have a lasting impact but for Campion my alma mater I find my efforts rewarded. Planning to visit school day-after tomorrow; hope to meet my school-teachers and get their blessings before I plunge into my ‘life’. . . . for now .. its TV time again :)

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