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How I became an MBA? - Part II

So there was I roaming around in Pune 2 days before my NITIE interview. Still ignorant about NITIE's ranking (careless chap u would say. . . well my teachers till date say the same) wasn't very keen on getting into it. The interview was cooooooool . . .rather than narrate it here let me refer you to my old webpage [http://kulkarninet.tripod.com/tscript.htm]. And so I found myself on the NITIE final list. It was now that I finally cared to find out NITIE's ranking and finding it in the top 10 ended up joining. I still feel I was lucky to be at the right places at the right times, more importantly surrounded by the right people.
Talking of luck, even my summer placement was similar. I was very conservative while applying to companies - being a hard core IT guy - on Day 0, I had just one shortlist - went to the GD, cleared it, proceeded to the interview cleared it again. Just one shortlist, one GD, one interview and summers was through . . . Man!! I should say I am lucky. Even now I am applying to very few companies. In fact any company I don't apply ends up having a pre-process and those whom I have applied to haven't had a process till now. I am just praying my luck lasts and my final placement is also through . . .
But luck brings me to another dimension - having the right people around me. Till date, I have been lucky with friends. But school ones, with whom I was probably the closest, are scattered. Not many among the college ones are in touch; though all want to be. Amongst my closest pals just Nimish is near (we talk on msgr almost 2wice 3rice in a week), all others have scattered.
My NITIE group is definitely close and I believe I have build bonds with a lot of batchmates which will last long. Shubham, Ashita, Payal, Arijit, Sabya, Milind, Medda (our gang :D)apart there are others like KC, Khetan, Pandey, Sharad, Jakati, and even some juniors whom I can count in very close acquaintances.
But I read a comment by some Mr. Vandy on Manish Chauhan's blog which disturbed me - "After college,it is so difficult to make friends.and colleague can't be friends...imagine sometimes there is no one even to share a good joke". I hope this isn't as true as it looks :(
And I just hope the electronic age helps me stay connected to all my present and past friends even while we are miles apart . . . Amen

Epilogue: When I re-read this post before publishing, I was surprized at the span of thoughts it has covered.
"If there's anything that's faster than light, its the mind" - Vedas (truly so, isn't it?)

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