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Spooky Spooky life . . . who is in control??

Well . . .well . . . If someone is closely following my posts s/he would realise that the previous 3 posts have formed a sequel - 'How I became . . . ' sequel. But believe me this has been purely unintentional. But this is just a very very small coincidence that my life has witnessed.
The last 3 posts elaborate something, something that Shubham posted on his blog about me. I quote - "This guy is unbelievable.. He’s never been rejected in any interview in his life.. not during MBA admissions.. not during summer placements.. and now, not during finals either.. It's a record very few can boast of.."
Why did I quote that? Self praise? you might think so, but no - I do not intend to magnanimate myself. I am but a very very fortunate person who has since long had a terrific luck and the right people around him. But this sequence of 'no rejections' has pscyhed me out. I find it more than a coincidence that I have never needed to try a second time. Its like someone is controlling my life.
In this very case, I had no 2nd chances to fall back upon in the first slot - IBM did not even shortlist me. And more so all shortlists that followed the KPMG interviews were disapointments for me. So was the case during my MBA admission and Summer placement. Isn't that spooky ?? really spooky??
Take a different angle, I hardly knew about IRM - but just in the last lap of my MBA, Sudhendu Pandey introduced me to IRM by pulling me into a weekend project with one of our Alumni Rohit Tripathi. Even so I was still not applying to KPMG, but Kartik coaxed me into it. TO me it seems someone was pulling me into this . . . my God !!
This is spooooooky !!!

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  1. Life is what happens to you while you are planning other things :-)

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