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Turning Point ℓ ~ ∂

This blog has completed 3000 hits today . . . and to commemorate this event let me post about an event that left a deep imprint on me and deserves to be christened as the "turning point" of my life . . . [Pardon me for being a bit senti . . .]
Our school (like most other schools) had a tradition that every section would conduct the morning assembly for one week in the year. I was in class VII and our class was allotted the turn. The class teacher selected 6 students to deliver the 'thought for the day' on each weekday. I was the last one to be selected and so was placed for Saturday. Unfortunately, an unexpected holiday was announced on Wednesday and every student's schedule shifted by a day and me who was on Saturday was kicked out.

I was sad, dejected and frustrated when I went to my class teacher (Mrs. Subhadra Basu Roy). She consoled me and told me that I was good and would definitely get a chance next year but this consolation wasn't enough for me. For the first time in my life I realized the price one has to pay for not being the best and being the second (or 6th) best. That day I resolved to become 'THE BEST' in co-curricular activities so that I never loose another chance.

Next year I was chosen by the class teacher as 'assistant' coordinator for the morning assembly. I was still the second but I worked hard that year and established my reputation among friends and teachers. Our teacher in class VIII Mrs. Ppurabi Guha encouraged us to experiment with the way morning assembly was conducted and we ended up presenting a skit as a part of the proceedings on Saturday.

Class IX - my class chose me unanimously as the in-charge for morning assembly. We again experimented by choosing a theme 'patriotism' for our proceedings for that week. Running one theme for a week was a new concept - we again ended the week with a skit. I further improved the 'theme' concept in class X when we chose the theme - "Believe in yourself, believe in the best". I was by now being accepted as morning assembly in-charge ;) for my class by default.

Class XI was to establish my reputation further! I was made the in-charge for a whole week-long event to be held in commemoration of "50 years of independence of India". The challenge was that this week was supposed to start just 1 day (weekend) after the first terminal examinations. Organizing a flawless event was considered impossible even by the teachers. But I was to realize the power of 'team-spirit'. I along with my team of friends could not only make it possible but we made it a grand hit!!

I still remember the tableau that we presented on 15th August - no one knew the final script till the end. It was compiled by me and Aurko just a night before, without the knowledge of others. All, the others knew, were the characters in the script - mostly being popular freedom fighters. On the other hand I did not know what these characters were supposed to speak when they came to stage - each person's dialogues were decided by themselves without my knowledge. I went to the stage and started announcing and my team-mates kept coming from the backstage as I narrated - each performing his role to perfection! I have never found a better illustration of teamwork. After the show, when I enquired with the teachers - no one, believe me, no one could guess that the whole tableau was impromptu!

In the next two years I along with my team became the undebated incharge for all cultural and co-curricular events. We also completely transformed the way the morning assembly was conducted making it the most interesting and talked about event in the school.

I went on to bag the "Best All-rounder in co-curricular activities" and "Third Best All-rounder" awards of my batch as a passing out student in class XII.

                    My resolve was finally fulfilled
Postscript: I have never looked back since - teamwork was the mantra for MastishK as well while I continue to strive to achieve the best. "It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it - William Somerset Maugham"

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  1. Great write up. Often, one reads about such resolves in stories, but rarely finds in people near you. Keep it up, Nikhil

  2. kudos :)

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