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(after the) Press Release !!

I haven't written much about my younger brother Abhishek. Well .... a fantastic person who has achieved his dream of getting into the National Defense Academy (NDA). Today he returned home (Bhopal) after his first semester at the academy. Dainik Bhaskar covered their homecoming. Below is the photograph of the occasion- I have drawn a faint green circle around Abhishek.

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A few words from my father also form a part of the article in Bhaskar [http://www.bhaskar.com/defaults/bhopal_newshindi5.html]. Dad said he doesn't remember when the reporter asked him all that stuff !!

Even I had a similar experience the other day. I got a call from a college friend late night congratulating me for getting my name in the Advancedge magazine by IMS learning. I was dazed for a moment thinking when I had given an interview to IMS. It later dawned that our Press relations committee IMpress had once asked me for a quote on our placements - they had passed on this to IMS. If anyone is interested in reading those 2 lines by this mortal soul you can download the PDF of the magazine from here: [ http://www.advancedge.com/issues/PDF/instwatch_nitie.pdf ]

For the record here is a link of my previous post about my Press Presence :)) [ http://the-complete-man.blogspot.com/2004/09/archives-of-my-life.html ].

PS: I know self praise is sin - but somtimes I can't help indulging in it. After all I am human!!

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  1. hi,

    gr8 to see ur bro's pic.. BTW, who is the lady he is shaking hands with??

    on a more serious note, i also feel happy that ur bro has chosen to get into a profession few are capable of, and dare to get in.. It is a million times better than being yet another BE + MBA, which almost half of the student community ends up becoming..

    He has the chance to become a Real Man.. and do the nation proud at the same time..

    all the best to him!!!

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