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Panch Sahashtra Pradarpanam

This blog completed 5000 (Panch Sahastra) hits (Pradarpanam = Impressions). Its been more than an year; I had started this blog during my summer internship in May 2004. Between then and today much has happened and this blog has recorded all of it. As of today, the next MastishK '05 and Prerana 2005 draw nearer; and Arbit Choudhury has transcended to mobile space from today. Among all this I continue to work with KPMG - and am still dreaming - the Indrajeet is still alive - hoping that he will never become a Nirmal.
Here an old (unfinished) Poem of mine on Dreams .........

Chasing Dreams

You dream big when,
you're young.
Jingoistic 'bout life
without thinking of strife.
Changing the world
seems so easy then.
You are too eager and ask!
'I will grow up when?'

But as the times of test come,
you fail!
Is it conditions....
which betray you?
or YOU who betray the dreams????

All dreams look like Shadows!
Seemingly Real but fallacies all the same
All roads are misty
with Gorges all over,
aggravating danger.

You against yourself.
Or the world against you!

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2 Comments to " Panch Sahashtra Pradarpanam "

  1. I am trying to put in poetic form ;)

    "we fail in our dreams,
    'coz we don't go deeper than cream,

    with changing paradigms,
    we are too busy in chasing dimes,

    it's a war between you and your gage,
    with you in centre of world as stage..."

    i don't know if it makes any sense to you ...

  2. Nice words .. and pretty good too ... with little practice u can become quite a poet ....

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