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Spirit of Mumbaikars !! Is it??

Media's over-enthused potrayal of a simple Darwinian concept of 'Survival Instinct' as the Mumbaikar Spirit has always agitated me ... so much irritating this term is to me that I could not even describe it in my own words. Thankfully, VKPedia has put his thoughts (which are the same as mine) very clearly -
" 'To survive' is not copyright protected by the New Yorker or the Londoner or the Mumbaikar. It is the most basic of all instincts. In a life which is so subtly controlled by things beyond our control, this is what makes us report to work every single day. Volcano, earthquake or tsunami, I have some mouths to feed - at least one (my own). Not some media-devised snob value associated with living in one of the commercial capitals of this world."

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