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Winds of thought

Just back from 1 week residential training at Rennaisance ↓ .....

A full week's training ... with a mixed group of KPMG consultants from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore ... all ages, all enthnics, all qualifications (and so all designations in KPMG) ... 'twas fun - learnt a lot, revised some of my MBA stuff and found how to use it in actual business etc etc ... lots of case studies and mock interviews - an exciting week all in all .... will be leaving for home in about 2 hours time (Indian Airlines Flight for 6.30 AM) ...
Today is a night out after a long time ... spent some time in NITIE writing software to be taken home ... and spent the rest reading blogs (we have net at home now :D ) ... read evam's blog after a long time - while reading the poems and about 'evam Indrajit' - the play ... and thoughts that I had just after watching the play, came back to me .. also inspired by the Poems on evam-blog here is a gush of wind from my side . . . . . .
One Works for a living,
Or one lives to work?
Amal, Vimal, Kamal ...
All work to make a living,
But what do they live for?

Mindless chores ?
Or efforts to make a career
Career? Is it your life?
Or a social sore!

Indrajit lives to dream . . .
But is a dream worth living for?
Dreams shatterred ...
Crushed and battered ...
Do they remain as before?
Are Dreams worth living for?

Run away .... become a loser?
Indrajit cannot win ...
So says the writer
But is he Indrajit or Nirmal????
Is choice an illusion or real?

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  1. Is there anyway to stop this nonsense ADs... on the comments on the blogs... (even I was hit by one of these).

    BTW feeling J with you... stay at R!... man that must have been cool...
    hope you had a great time at home.

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