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Back to Rains and Bad Roads.. i.e. Mumbai!

For the uninitiated, I am just back from Hyderabad after spending a good 3 weeks in that lake'n'hill city. The flight was delayed by 3 hrs at departure itself and as much as I was eager to catch upon life here ... I was not disappointed by the 'challenges' that emerged - a Highway that is worse than a mud road in a village, exorbitantly charging taxi drivers, jam-packed roads and to compound it all, rain from the above. Mumbai this year has gone to the dogs!!

As I came near the Powai lake and saw the new widened road - I felt being guilty of eating into nature. The road widening along the Powai lake has eaten up parts of the lake and thick vegetation that lined it up on all sides. The way we are playing with nature, it is no wonder we are facing its furies like the Floods and Hurricanes

It is an irony that I chose to live in Powai to enjoy the vegetation and natural beauty it abounds, but it is because of dwellers like me that the pressure on the area's infrastructure has increased and we have to widen the roads, only to result in destruction of the very nature we want to enjoy!
Is there a way we can strike balance between development and nature??? I wonder??? But right now, I feel extremely aggrieved and guilty of what has been done!!

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  1. ha ha ha. ...
    CATCH 22 !!!

  2. RITA,,, KATRINA in America..
    Wonder , MADHURI and KAREENA are soon going to come in India too...

  3. @ new_cloud...
    it 'll be pams' and sharons' in India ;)

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