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The 6K Mark!

I don't usually visit my own blog unless I want to review my own posts. But a regular place I visit is Statcounter.com, from where I keep getting updates about the hit rate of my blog. It was a pleasant surprise today morning to find the hit counter clocking 6009 hits. Though I had an inkling that my blog had lately started clocking more hits per day, but little had I imagined that I would reach the 6K mark so soon (it reached 5K less than 2 months ago).

It is also heartening to find that there are many people who regularly visit this place and it isn't just random traffic which has accelerated the hit rate. I initially started blogging just as an extension of my hobby of Writing. I found it a good way of sharing my hobby with the world - but it soon became a pastime, habit and passion!

Hobby as it might be, but it feels great everytime I get a message from a regular reader, or find the hit counter running at high-speeds. I have made many new friends because of this blog, and found many old ones too ....

Many Many Thanks to All Readers of this Blog

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  1. Congrats on reaching the 6k mark.

  2. BHai......
    Congrats mate..
    I have been one such visitor who has come to the doorstep of this blog everytime and found the best posts i have ever seen on net..
    Keep up the good work mate...

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