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Bloggers Unite!!! - Urgent

This blog is at its tipping point .... Kindly read Gaurav Sabnis's Blog(Refer to I am disconnecting my cable connection)[ http://gauravsabnis.blogspot.com/] and post a support message to Gaurav if you wish so. Also If you own a blog, use it to raise the issue.

The whole bloggers and online community should stand by Gaurav at this time. Blogging is one of the most representative forms of Freedom of Speech and human expression – we all need to come together to protect it !!!

Its 4.00PM around 5 hours after I made this post and by now there are around a 100 blogs who have posted in Gaurav's support (no wonder, 'coz Gaurav happens to be a popular blogger). Check out the first 10 pages on this search:

ON 9th October, Jagan.biz published in support of Gaurav, what, it seems is happening now ... I quote - [http://jagan.biz/modules/news/article.php?storyid=92]
"The IIPM execs handling this are in for a surprise. Obviously, they have no idea of the blogsphere domino effect nor do they seem to be aware of the consequences of getting into situations they can hardly control. Free speech and rights of expression are firecely defended online and is a constant hot topic so much that Blog authors will go to any extent to defend them. The solidarity of authors to defend their rights to opinion is one platform that really unites accross the board. The IIPM lawyers haven't heard of the Blogosphere's victory over similar attempts to censure opinions elsewhere. If they had known that, they would have thought twice before dispatching that legal notice. .... "

Update 2 [12:12 AM, Oct 13, 2005]
Rather than providing frequent updates [which I don't have time for], I am poiting readers to a source which is maintaining updates of the event ... Gaurav for the time being has just announced a thanks to all his supporters ... guess we are all waiting for his next step or the media's reaction...
This Link provides an up to date snapshot of blogosphere's reaction to the event. Going by the increasing length of this post and growing number of comments [184 as of my last visit], it seems the issue will soon blow over the top and take IIPM with it ...
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