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Writing, Blogging et. al.

Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, quoted in a public gathering:

Reading makes you wise,
Speaking makes you witty,
But, Writing makes you exact.

Unless you write, you never know how much you really know and what you really don't know. My own experience of writing has been long ... I have been writing since 12 years of age... and since last year this Blog has provided a new dimension to my thoughts; writing has again become quite regular. I try to write my own posts after considerable research (wherever required) and also try to link up as much links as I can so that readers can travel to other related pages. This way I myself also get to learn or rather complete my understanding of the subject in question.
That apart this Blog has also helped me to network far and wide - making friends with so many people across the globe and also revive some lost links with old friends.
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