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Mumbai Darshan aka Bluffmaster

Just back from the night show for Bluffmaster. Actually, I sulked and whined through the whole movie for the utterly bad screenplay and too-much-gyan; but the end of the movie was as surprising as refreshing it was. Agreed that most plots are picked up from a few Hollywood movies (I don't recollect the name, but one movie which is used most, starred Michael Douglas) - but its not a plain vanilla remake and hence the effort is quite commendable. Technically too, the movie is quite refreshing.

There's one more distinction that I would give the movie - of showcasing outdoor locations of Mumbai. Bandra Flyover, Buildings in Walkeshwar and Mahalaxmi, streets of Colaba, distant views of Nariman Point and Marine Drive are quite discernible as are few indoor albeit public locations like CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) - Carter Road and the Renaissance - Powai. No movie in the recent times has used locations in Mumbai so effectively as this one. The trend of using foreign locations seems to be passing with Bunty-Babli showcasing small towns and Bluffmaster showcasing Mumbai.

Finally the Hindi Cinema seems to be realizing the true potential of India. India is really beautiful - but alas beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. One needs a good director to present this beauty to the Bollywood audience.

PS: In more than one shot, that shows the Powai lake through the glass windows of Rennaisance, you can see my building too [ :)) ] among others across the lake.

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  1. i thnk the name of the michael douglas movie is "the game"..
    and yes, too to was pleasently surprised by the innovative use of mumbai locales in "bluff master".. heranandani seesm to become a real hot spto for movie shooting these days.. the other day, i saw "dus" during a bus journey.. the intial action scene of the movie was sot in hiranandani as well..

  2. Realized from search engine logs that someone came here looking for the building shown in bluffmaster.

    Well, that building is located right behind Mumbai Central station near HDFC bank (earlier Centurion Bank of Punjab). You can approach it walking from the Sat-Rasta Chowk.

  3. which is that apartment in which abhishek proposes to priyanka?
    that high rise apartment? any ideas

  4. @Anand I don't know the name of that apartment but its located on the road from Jacob Circle (Saat 7 Rasta) and Mumbai Central station. There's an HDFC Bank office and a petrol pump on that road near this building!

  5. That High Rise Building is Belvedere Court located in Mahalaxmi.

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