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As the man speaketh!

You can take me out of NITIE. But you can never take NITIE out of me.

- Shubham Choudhury*
I could not help but (re)post this comment made by Shubham on my previous post.

By the way, Junta!
I am going to go be in a nomadic life for the next 15 days, so might not be able to post :(

*Choudhury, Shubham; URL: http://my-mind-space.blogspot.com
Born July 19, 1980; NITIE, PGDIM-X, Class of 2005
Co-Creator: Arbit Choudhury - World's First B-school comic character

1 Comments to " As the man speaketh! "

  1. hehehe.. never thought you would like the line so much.. thanks for publishing it separately.. sometimes i feel that these days, i write better stuff on other people's blogs (as comments), than i do on my own (as blog posts).. :D

    no post for 15 days.. i dont think that will happen.. i am sure a compulsive blogger like u will sneak in a post about the "Land of Black" while u r back in mumbai over the weekend..

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