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Bike pe tafri@ 1.30 AM

Another Saturday that was; hectic yet fun. Started the day by rushing my bike to the service station in Mulund - rushed ahead to KPMG Office in Lower Parel to attend a training. While the training entered its last leg, I ran away back to Mulund to collect my bike and then braving through the traffic jam, reached home - exhausted!

Had a late dinner @ 10:50 PM and then decided to go for a short stroll. So me and Somnath set out on foot to stroll in Hiranandani. It was looking very beautiful - empty but lighted streets with the marvelous structures. Both of us simultaneously had thoughts of taking snaps and incidentally Somnath's camera had just a few strips remaining. So we went back, grabbed the camera and set out roaming on the bike at 1:30 AM to take snaps.

We took snaps in Galleria, Olympia, and old-Hiranandani areas; but with a few shots still left, we were both overcome by a wish to visit NITIE and take a few snaps there. So here we were, two souls in Shorts and T-shirts, entering NITIE gates at 2:00 AM. We roamed around the Pond, and took 2 trips to the acad blocks (what we call the Monte Carlo Round in NITIE lingo) and also visited our hostel wings. While roaming through those places, I felt a strange sense of belonging to them - it was a mix of nostalgia and joy! I could identify with my room, my wing, my wingmates' rooms and even our corridor.

I suddenly recollected Amir's dialogue in RDB - "... pata hai Gulabbo! Mainu University se passout hue panj saal ho gaye hain. Par abhi bhi main ithe hoon." "Kyon?" "Oyeee! University mein log jaande hain mainu. Etthe DJ di kuchh aukaat hai! Log kainde hain - DJ mein kuchh baat hai; kuchh karega DJ. Par baahar ki duniya mein na jaane kitne DJ piss gaye ... dim dim lak lak te dim dimlak lak ... kya ajeeb baat hai! University gate de is taraf hum zindagi ko nachaate hain; de University gate di us taraf, zindagi hamein nachaati hai! ... dim dim lak lak te dim dimlak lak ... "

Not that I identify instantly with 'DJ' in RDB, but this dialogue just came to my mind as I was going through the alleys in NITIE .....

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  1. There are some kinds of people .. for whom it does not matter .. on which side of the university gate they are ...

    They perform... They perform their best ..
    and dont worry about the rest ...

    NITIE has a special place in our hearts ... u have the 'Privilege' of visiting it .. SOme of us .. just rememeber it in our thoughts and memories and have a stroke of nostalgia ...

    'Those were the best days of my life .... '''

  2. Nostalgia is a most enigmatic emotion.. It can make you happy and sad at the same time.. Happy, at being able to remember all the good times you have had in the past.. and sad, at not being able to go back to those good times..

    "University gate de is taraf hum zindagi ko nachaate hain; de University gate di us taraf, zindagi hamein nachaati hai!".. Anyone who has passed through student life will echo these thoughts..
    Most people consider the times that they spent in college as the best times of their lifes.. But I guess we were slightly different in this regard.. As our best days came during PG..

    "You can take me out of NITIE.. But you can never take NITIE out of me.."

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