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Rang De Basanti

Note: This is not a review of the movie but a related comment
Blogosphere is full of comments and reviews on RDB - while most junta has liked the movie, there are some who haven't. Most of the anti-RDB posts point out major fact-flaws in the storyline/screenplay; 3 major ones pointed out are:
1. Criticism of an IAF pilot by the Defence Minister
2. Lathicharge on a peaceful procession by Police
3. Gunning down of 'College Students' by commandos

Most people claim that a 'democratic' government will not indulge in such 'oppressionist' acts and the parallel drawn between the current government and British Raj is unjustified. After watching the movie I also had similar views, but a revisit to my own post, made about an year ago, made me realize that the comparison in the movie is not completely unjustified. A democratic government too can indulge in acts similar to the (said) oppressionist British Raj and if not RDB, at least these posts [1] [2] are to be believed!

3 Comments to " Rang De Basanti "

  1. Ppl raise objections against trivial matters..
    They are ready to see Matrix like unrealistic movies but cannot see a lathicharge on a peaceful procession..
    and is lathicharge on peaceful procession uncommon in India? When did India turn so spohisticated??

  2. nikhil i didn't know that you guys are still active with your blogging.
    achha laga pad ke tera aur shubham kaa blog.
    baaki uttranchal aaya to chandigarh kyun nahin??

  3. Did i tell you that you are tagged??
    Check out my blog for details:-)

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