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Winds of change!

This old post by Shubham (and the comment made by Sabya on it) made me realize how much has changed between my entering NITIE and today - within me as well as without. Shubham himself echoed the same thoughts in his mail of which I am posting an excerpt:
"This post refers to a lot of things we discussed during our days in NITIE (gee ... doesn't that make u feel it has been ages since we left NITIE). Some of the thoughts expressed there have become even more relevant now, now that we have been earning for some time. When I read some of my primordial posts, I almost feel that they were written by a different person. And that I do not identity with what I wrote there any more .... have u ever felt similar too??"

Just the other day me and Somnath (aka Tiger) went to Pizza Hut because ghar par khaana acchha nahi bana tha. When the waiters there recognized us instantly, I was trying to figure out how many times I had visited this place and I couldn't count. Pizza hut is no more a rare celebration destination for me - occasions include - bad food @ home too. Before placements, I remember that the only occasions when I visited Pizza hut were - Ashi's B'day, IMpact party and Sabya's B'day. (See how I can count them clearly as against the same figure post placements) .

I remembered then how both of us (me and Shubham) used to consider Pizza Hut as a waste of money. Hum hamesha galleria mein hi pizza khaate the ... Jab wahi safedi kam damon mein mile to koi ye kyon le, vo na le?? ... but now I realize how true Sabya was in his comment ... when you now come from home ... almost exhausted from a day's work (especially when I get exhausted), one wants some satisfactory meal to 'feel happy' and worthy of working that hard ... and hence if food is bad you don't mind shelling out 200 bucks for the pizza in pizza hut.

That also reminds me how my visits to that open food court in galleria have withered away since I moved to this house. Again I guess the same reason, you don't feel like sitting in those narrow alleys in humid heat of Mumbai if you can afford to sit in an AC restaurant or Pizza hut.

Well ... I have changed .. a lot .. in the past 1 year ... I have grown into that middle-class-consultant-residing-in-a-metro that I am supposed to be. I am no more the young boy who came from a mid-sized town with few laurels and lots of dreams ...

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  1. Your post began with the words ... "Have you ever imagined if you were merely a witness to this world, rather than being a participant - how would it feel?"

    Ther are two kinds of people in the world ...
    One - Who make a difference !
    Two - Who feel the difference ?

    Often .. the choice is ours to make ... the above makes the difference between being a participant and a witness !!

    The Choice is ours !!

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