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I had never thought this would happen to me ...

Following is a list of things, I never thought would happen to me; but are happening to me. To clarify, not that I am all excited about these things, but nevertheless I had never thought that they would happen to me

  1. Getting bored of traveling ... and living in an AC room
  2. Meeting an old college friend at the airport and getting introduced to her husband there
  3. Getting fed-up of evening and late evening calls with my US counterparts
  4. Spending close to Rs 1500 a day on travel alone
  5. Spending less time on the Bed than travel during a 3 day period
  6. Longing to get back to my un-furnished apartment from a plush hotel
  7. Getting bored of outside food - reject offer for food in an aircraft
  8. Becoming a fan of a Hollywood actor (Tom Hanks)
  9. Interacting with my friends in Hyderabad and Geneva more frequently than with my room-mates
  10. Scheduling meetings with friends on the airport due to lack of time
  11. Telling acquaintances that I am hardly present in Mumbai to visit them there
  12. Getting a whole month's bill completely on roaming
  13. Being out of my base-location more than a month
  14. Going to office at 10:40 PM from my hotel room on a Saturday, feeling uneasy of not checking email since past 24 hours
  15. Not blogging for many days - due to lack of time ....

There are few more of them .. but guess these are representative enough :-)

3 Comments to " I had never thought this would happen to me ... "

  1. That's The Life and Times of a 21st Century IT Crazy Business Consultant for you..


  2. ha ha ha .. ho ho ho ... still LOL... oh man ... that was awesome stuff...

  3. Life is taking em too .. through unexpected turns and tides ...

    I guess thats Life ... it shows you what you dont expect at the time you dont expect in a way you cant expect

    You just cant ....

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