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The Apprentice on the ship

Wrote a Poem after a very long time yesterday - criticism invited.

In a crowd of compatriots,
he felt lost.
Alone with his thoughts,
his world and his plots.

There was no storm
to stop him
No wreck and no deterrent
Nothing went wrong,
yet he did not win.

He would win unhindered
he had thought
Dreams will float,
on calm waters of

He had never thought,
that there’d be no wind
And no land,
no coast, no seam
On which he would set foot
and leap to the sky

Now there was just the ocean,
and clouds
of unfulfilled dreams.

Everyone now,
wanted to sail on the ship.
A ship he never wanted
to be, on forever
“It would be my means
to reach land” - he thought
He wanted to be a master
of his own island.

The island never came,
nor did he leap
to reach the sky.
The land of opportunity
had vanished from sight.
And he hadn’t yet
learnt to fly.

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  1. as deep as ocean... thought provoking...

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