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The Political Party of the future

I wrote about making India the land of Opportunity in a previous post ... another related thought that has been revolving in my mind since a few months now, is the priorities which a 'new age' political party in India should have.

Given that India is home to 1/5th of the world's population and host to the world's largest ever young population - I think a political party of India needs to have 'Human Development' on the top of its agenda. To detail the priorities should be:

  1. Healthcare and public hygiene
    - abundance of clinics
    - high regard for cleanliness and hygiene in public places
  2. Concern for environment
    - this is closely related to hygiene
    - this is also inline with 'Indian Culture'
  3. Human development infrastructure
    - Primary Schools
    - Secondary schools & colleges
    - Vocational training institutions etc
  4. Physical Infrastructure development
    - national and local train network
    - Highways & city roads
    - dams, canals, waterways
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