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[Swiss Tours Part I]

5 days, 9 places and 3.5 GB snaps
[Swiss Tours Part I]

I have never actually written in detail about my trip to Switzerland. Today, as I was idly browsing through my Photos collected during the UK trip, I discovered that more than half of the collection came from my 5 day trip to Switzerland. Indeed, those 5 days were the most enjoyable part of my 6 month sojourn! Adventurous as it was, I guess it is important that this blog has some record of the trip!

Hemant was already stationed in Geneva when I reached London, and so the idea of planning a Swiss trip together sprouted right away – just the dates were an issue. Soon, we had finalized dates around end of July and the planning for the trip started around mid July. Both of us did online researches about places to visit, Hemant also interacted with some colleagues in Geneva for the details.

Our “tech savvy-ness” reached new heights when we used MS Powerpoint to document and discuss route maps, train timetables and tourist attractions. The result – by the time I was boarding the plane to Geneva – a detailed plan of the tour was almost ready, replete with appropriate buffer times between different cities.

Optimistically speaking, my trip started quite adventurously – and my entry into Switzerland in the wee hours of morning on 26th July was quite dramatic [1] [2].

Deprived of any sleep during the night, I had to drop my plan to spend the full day seeing Geneva (alone, as Hemant had office) and catch a few winks till noon. Thereafter, I roamed outside experiencing the comfort of trams in Geneva and enjoyed the scenic Geneva lake, the beautiful city and other beautiful sights [;-)] in the city.

By evening, I was back to Hemant’s place, so was he (from office) and we rushed through our packing and ran for the Railway station to catch the train to Interlaken.

To be continued ...

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[Swiss Tours Part I]

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