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Swiss Tours Part II

Top of Europe
Swiss Tours Part II

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We reached Interlaken quite late – especially by Switzerland standards – I should confess that it was quite scary to reach the youth hostel there, as it was in one secluded part of the town, and we had to walk through a road almost in the woods to reach it from the nearest bus stop.

We both are vegetarians and were well aware about the paucity of (vegetarian) edible food, so we had packed enough vegetables, wafers, bread and butter from Geneva for our survival. The hostel was well equipped, and we had a comfortable dinner and slept to rise early the next day!

The train to take us to Jungfraujoch was to leave Interlaken by 8 AM, so we woke up early – in fact we were up early enough to have time to look around the location of the youth hostel.

However, we got a little carried away, and got a bit late to catch our train. Fortunately, the platforms were quite low and we were able to jump our way to platform 2 to catch our train! The train had a guide, who told us about the journey ahead and about Jungfraujoch. On the way to Jungfraujoch, one needs to change the train at a station called Grindenwald – and look, what we saw there!

Anyway – the reason why one changes trains at Grindenwald is because the slope above this point is pretty steep and the train requires 3 tracks to climb – one additional teethed track in between to help the train generate enough traction!

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The top of Europe – Jungfraujoch was enjoyable – my first tryst with snow and a wonderful experience. The major attraction up there were natural ice caves with ice sculpture and of course outdoor ice!

But more famously, this is the place where Sunny Paji’s – “The Hero” was shot and the building which is shown to be the terrorist hideout in the movie is actually an observatory atop the hill (where you cannot reach). The tourist section also houses a particle detector display which proves Einstien’s relativity.

On our way back from Jungfraujoch – we travelled till Grindenwald and then decided to hang on at the beautiful station for some time। We attempted a panoramic photo at Grindenwald। From Grindenwald to Interlaken there are two alternate tracks – we took the other one during our descent। We halted at another station – Grund - on our way and took a very nice photo of both of us – worthy of being a Windows XP wallpaper।

To be continued ...

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Swiss Tours Part II

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