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Mast Hai Yeh Life!

Since January this year life has been pretty routine - office, home, sleep, work, ... office. Some weddings happened - in fact they happened at such constant intervals that they added to the routine effect ;-)

The past week(s) however has/have been a kind of break. Sabyasachi is in Mumbai for two weeks doing some professional course in IITB - staying with me for the period. Since he is in, I too along with him am getting a chance to meet up with a few old pals and dinner time gatherings are fun.

To top it, last weekend me and Panda (aka Arijit) went to Nasik-and-Shirdi. Started Saturday afternoon, reached Nasik in the evening, attended another batchmate's marriage reception and left for Shirdi. Reached Shirdi at 1.30 AM, slept at a motel for the night, did darshan in the morning and returned to Mumbai the same day.

On return from Shirdi on Sunday, we went out for dinner to this new eatery 'Curry Twist' - nice food but pathetic service levels; good place to visit if you have lot of time on your hands. The restaurant is a sister concern of the much famed Chakra. Also while crossing Saki Naka today, I noticed that 'Copper Chimney' has been replaced by a new restaurant called 'Signature'. So any of you planning a dinner out, you have two new options at Saki Naka.

Saw 'Life in a ... Metro' today after office - didn't like the movie as much as its hype. The story has too many coincidences and truly isn't quite that catchy. Anyway - most people seem to be liking it - everyone to his opinion!

To sum up, while things are pretty full nowadays, with a visit home (Bhopal) on the cards in early June life to mast hai ! Something else too is boiling up - hopefully I should have more to share on that thingy by end of next month. For now, just hoping that I will be back early from office tomorrow - so that I can treat some junta on my B'day.

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