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Nakal Mein Akal?

I was Googling for B.A.G. films - a medium sized production house, but was surprised when I did not find their homepage among the first few entries on the search page. I scrolled down the whole page, went to the next page - still only external page mentions to it.

Astonished, I went back to first search result - it was amusing- why should Dynamic HTML Central turn up when I search for BAG? And then I realized - this was indeed the homepage for BAG, but the developer did not even bother to change the 'title' of the page.

He picked up a template from Dynamic HTML Central, changed the text and the links in it and lo - the page is ready. He didn't even bother to edit the 'Title' of the page, which in the Google listing appears as 'Dynamic HTML Central ...".

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The internet is the epitome of collaboration and open source. Huge number of scripts and templates are available for reuse for free. So using one of these scripts on your company's website is no crime.
But at least developers must sanitize scripts before using them so that Google is able to index them properly? Someone tell these guys!

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