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Chak De!

Yes ... its true - after 13 years of expectations for a second world cup - WE HAVE WON the first ever Twenty 20 cup!!
Don't worry I am not going to get into the same loop of 'we worked as team' blah blah .. there are better reviews of the match around. So better go read them!

I just want to point out one thing that irked me. My heart sank every time Sreesanth and Joginder Sharma bowled those beamers off the wicket which were either going to go as 'wide' or deserved the hardest hits!! And yet, at the end Dhoni said -

"... I decided to give the last over to Joginder, who wanted to make a name for himself in international cricket - it did not matter if we won or lost!"
Did it not really matter??? A billion people watching the match, sacrificing their precious times .. I saw almost the whole Mumbai rushing home early yesterday - and the Indian captain says 'IT DIDN'T MATTER!!'

Yes, I agree that this team won because it went without expectations and the pressure that comes along with them. And all it did was played its best without pressure and won .... but then is the psyche of the Indian team so weak that it wins only when there are no expectations?
I guess this is what Mr. Dhoni needs to work on in the team - build a strong team which CAN perform WHEN IT MATTERS whether it wins or not.

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