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GMail Storage Space Windfall

My GMail Inbox suddenly seems to have received a lottery in storage space - my Inbox size has suddenly jumped to 3681 MB which till yesterday was hovering around 2900 MB. I tried to figure out as to what happened but all I could Google was a blog post written way back in March which predicted that it would take 5 years for Gmail to reach 3.5 GB ...

Anyway, so like a kid who gets a 100 bucks 'bakshish' from his grandpa - I should start planning as to how I am going to spend the 1/2 GB extra space that I now have (not that I have exhausted my current space, but still).

For starters, I will no more bother to delete 'heavy forwards'; then I could restart receiving a lot of email from mailing list where I have set up 'no email' option. To avoid email overload because of this, I will simply filter these emails, make them skip the inbox and have them marked as read. I know what you are asking me now - why the hell receive those emails if you aren't going to read them?

Let me present a longish reason for doing this. Well ... my Gmail Inbox represents me - it contains [sent and received] emails which if studied can accurately predict the kind of person I am and the kind of things that interest me. From another perspective, my inbox is a collection of the most 'personalized' set of data in the world for me. And hence a GMail search is probably the most relevant kind of 'search engine' that I could ever get custom made for myself.

As a corollary, I should make sure that the most relevant search engine for me is well fed - with all the stuff that would interest me. And a lot of stuff which interests me, comes from the numerous mailing lists (Yahoo Groups) which I have subscribed to ... and so if all email from my preferred mailing lists is archived in my inbox - it would only help me find relevant and useful stuff in my inbox rather than require me to scourge through pages and pages Google results to find the same.

PS: Request you not to cry, howl or scream after reading this absolutely insane piece of 'personalized search made simple' ... please maintain your calm .... Amen!

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  1. Why dont you use 2 gmail accounts... :p

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