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I should not have copied a complete blog post from another blog and pasted it here ... but I simply couldn't resist ...

Atanu - please forgive my plagiarising

Woman 1: "What is that little trash can on the screen?"

Woman 2: "My son says that is called the 'recycle bin'. He tells me when I don't want a Word document anymore and I delete it, it really goes in there."

Woman 1: "Why in the recycle thingy? Can't you just erase it?"

Woman 2: "Oh no, Word wouldn't work for very long if I did that, I would run out of blank pages."

Woman 1: "Why?"

Woman 2: "Because it cleans the words off the pages, then sends the blank sheets back to Word so they can be used again. That's why it's called the recycle bin."

Source: Atanu Dey on India's Development

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