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This is my 100th post this year!

I was at 73 when Shubham noted in an email to me that "The no. of posts u have made have been increasing each year... I hope that u will hit the 100 posts in a year mark this year ;-)" It was a worthy target to chase, as it was still September then - and I have made it today.

I have been posting increasing number of posts every year. I started in mid-2004 and made 58 posts in the first year; the second year the number went to 85; last year, with no one to warn that I was nearing a century, I finished just short at 98. This year goes beyond hundred and its been great fun!

However, another thing that has happened is that the average length of my post has reduced and most posts nowadays are more reactionary than proactive as they were in NITIE days.

The lack of 'proactive' posts is also evident from the fact that I have hardly posted about my experiences as I used to earlier. For example this year I went to Kerala, made quite a few trips to Baroda (and nearby places), also witnessed my brother's passing out from NDA - but have hardly had time to post about these experiences.

I think its just that I have gotten into a habit of posting regularly - but in reality my blogging is no more as 'involved' as it used to be.

But the silver lining is my new blog byte-feed: which is a repository of my Tech fwds. Hoping that that too keeps working well.

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  1. Congrats dude... way to go... hope that next year you mark a double century (incl byte feed; put a link on your side panels for byte feed)...

  2. Or perhaps 300..
    Or even better.. 365..
    One post on each day of the year :-)

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