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Traffic Update!

I was musing over how popular are India-specific blogging services on Alexa - and here is what I found. The graph below plots RediffBlogs against BlogStreet and BlogPulse.

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I have added BlogSteet [in Blue]and BlogPulse [in Red] only for comparison because they are pretty unknown services at least in India
[BlogStreet is a coranking site cum blog directory (of Indian blogs) while BlogPulse is a blog metrics tracker (not focussed to Indian blogosphere though)]

Observe that the traffic of RediffBlogs[in Green] - is quite comparable to these 'unknown' services.

Now I added RediffBlogs competitor O3 [in Cyan] from Indiatimes.com to the comparison ...

Just observe how the scale of the graph changes - BlogStreet, BlogPulse and RediffBlogs, almost vanish when traffic metrics from Indiatimes are plotted. Clearly O3 is way ahead of rediffBlogs - so much so that - if I were to decide the fate of RediffBlogs, I would shut it down!

Link to another different comparison I did

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