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Logo - Major of London As some of you know, I am in London for a little over a month. Landed here on Saturday (10/05) evening. Strangely enough, as the flight flew over the city, across the Thames, the Tower bridge and the Buckingham Palace - I got a feeling of homecoming! I felt somehow that this was also one of "my" cities; though I have stayed in London only for 6 months, it definitely felt like home.

The same evening, went to Leicester square and barged into Wagamama's - one of my favourite eating places in London and had saien soba. It was great to be in Leicester Square on a Saturday night among the usual crowd and frenzy. Came back by a bus which took me through all the familiar places from Blackfrairs (where my previous office was) to Trafalgar Square, St. Paul's Cathedral .... felt quite nostalgic remembering the times I spent looking around these places for the first time - 'twas then with some NITIE friends who also were in London :-).

Sunday was mostly lazy, had forgotten to get a India-UK plug converter - so went to East Ham to get that - also acquired a UK phone number (You can get it on my orkut/Gmail status). Spent the evening watching TV (Forrest Gump was on); also next morning, caught some of my favourite shows (Frasier, Will & Grace and Teen Tycoons).

I will be going over to Norwich tomorrow where I have most of my work. But on my "to do" list for this trip, apart from meeting friends in London is visiting Stonehenge, trying to spend a day in St. James park reading a book, and another at Borders book store on Bond Street.

I hope this trip to London will be enjoyable .... [Please say Amen!].

PS: I will not have access to my GMail in office - so please contact me on SMS or my official email for urgent matters.

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