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Zapak - a dynamic and proactive Web2.0 company?

You might be surprised to see the title after the post I made last night. But I am really impressed the way Zapak has reacted to my post. Read on to know more ...

When I made the post last night, India was still in deep slumber; and when India woke up - I was in deep slumber. But while I was asleep, the Zapak team woke up to my blog post - they thereafter tracked me through various Social networks and by the time I woke up, I had a couple requests from their team to connect to me. [The earliest one was as early as 7.57 AM India time]

I was surprised (and impressed) about the speed with which they contacted me - so I sent out my contact details, and Lo! Within less than an hour I had them calling me explaining that the mail I received was because of some kind of spurious network activity and was a "security issue" which they were dealing with.

They requested me to remove the image which I had put up on my blog, because it revealed some internal statistics they were tracking. What impressed me though was their candidness in accepting their fault and their not requesting me to remove my post altogether.

I should say - the team might have made a mistake, but their pro-activeness in tracking blog posts about their service and their spirit - has impressed me. While today, its quite easy for any service to track information being written about them online (Thanks to Google alerts), but there are few companies who are proactive enough in using this information and acting on it.

[Later, I had a chat with Charles at Zapak and he told me about some other stats they were tracking - and also how aggressively they use some Analytic services. Guess he would not want me to reveal the details of the chat though.]

Well - being a close witness of the Web2.0 space, I quite know goof-ups happen! And I think this time I'd rather give it to the Zapak team - because their handling of the issue speaks more of the kind of company they are than yesterday's goof up. So - I have removed the screenshot from the previous post, and while the post remains, this one goes along with it as a sticky link in it.

Good work team Zapak - would love to be in touch with a team like you!

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  1. I read about this blog from Google alerts & i agree with you about Zapak. It is a very good Web 2.0 company compared to those with big names behind them. I have also met Charles at some bar/search camps and was impressive to know the knowledge about business metric.

  2. i do not know about all what you are talking and charles zapak but you are judging true on the company as there have much information about all the user onsite.

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