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Culinary Adventure

Here are some more photos of what I have been eating (and cooking) ...

Got bored of Eating Subway sandwiches, so tried something different; cooked "Aloo Sabji" (the one which you get in a Masala Dosa).

Then ate it along with a Veggie Delite subway wrap - the wrap can be had like Roti.

After my success in making the Aloo Sabji, I became a bit bolder - made that kind of a thing again ...

Wet some bread...and made a cutlet like package of bread and Alloo sabji, but instead of frying (which I could not), I toasted it on the frying pan.

Finally ate it along with Baked Beans ..

And this is what I had yesterday - a McDonald's burger with Mayonnaise in it and some Khichdi with Mayonnaise on it!


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  1. innovative cooking :D .. ha ha he he

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