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Trip Over - lets do a recon ...

As I prepare to leave Norwich tomorrow and the UK the day after, just trying to reconcile if I met all my personal goals (as they would call in corporate lingo) :-)

I couldn't visit London as often as I had planned, partly because I got busy with work and partly because I kinda liked staying in Norwich. Norwich is a small town and staying here felt like going back to my childhood days at BHEL township in Bhopal.

So anyway, not having time in London I could not meet a lot of people there. However, I did manage to steal a visit to Stonehenge, Windsor and Bath with Piyush.

Then instead of spending a day at the St. James park reading a book - I did the same at the local park in Norwich. I spent almost two weekends in the park reading books - finished The World is Flat and Shantaram - would soon post a review of Shantaram.

Finally, I did spend a day at the Borders book store but not the one on Bond Street-London, but the one at Chapelfield-Norwich. Though, my day was not very successful as I could not zero in on the next book to start reading ... guess that needs a visit to Crosswords book store back home!

So - that's how my second visit to UK ends, I am travelling home to Bhopal as soon as I land into India and will be back in Mumbai on next Friday.

Just like my last visit, during the time I was in UK, there have been changes for life in Mumbai - Sabya has moved out of our apartment and M&A are soon planning to shift to Gurgaon. Well ... life was on a roll with M&A in town for the past 1 year (since they got married and moved to Mumbai) and Sabya being my room-mate - its never going to be the same once they are gone!

But then as Greg Roberts concludes in his novel ...

For this is what we do. For so long as fate keeps waiting, we live on. God help us. God forgive us. We live on.

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