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5 things I want to do before I die

Shubham strikes again - he has tagged me with this topic this time ... well to be frank all that I want to do in my life is still unfinished, so this list could as well run into 100s, but let me try to hand-pick the top 5:

5. Startup
Needs no explanation - I try to keep innovating even in my job; but starting up my own enterprise could be an ecstatic milestone. Lot's of ideas keep coming to one, but as yet nothing has come to mind which can make me quit my cosy job.

4. Become a columnist
As I have written earlier as well, writing is an old hobby with me. I grew up writing for my diary, then the school magazine, also becoming its editor, then kept writing in private, till I started on this blog. However, my childhood dream is to become a columnist in a newspaper.
Perhaps, I have achieved that dream by becoming a Long Tail columnist (on this blog), but it would indeed be a satisfying achievement to become a 'real' columnist.

3. Drive a Social organization
Well, may be an NGO or may be a for-profit one - but I dream of leading projects which will benefit the society and the underprivileged - this too has been a dream since adolescence. Some of my favourite project areas are - energy security, using ICT for rural upliftment, creating an ideal farm/ ideal village/ ideal colony, helping street children realize their potential .... and so on.

2. Author a book of fiction
This is one wish I share with Shubham. I have written short stories - science fictions and others and even posted one on my blog (more here). I have two long fiction ideas in my mind - one sci-fi and one campus story - but till I get loads of time, there is little chance I can let my imagination run amock to create a real memorable piece.

1. Direct a movie
Unlike most of dreams, this is one which has come to me only recently. After watching experimental films like Hyderabad Blues, Iqbal, Bheja-Fry, Mithya, No smoking, Sarkar (& S. Raj), etc. - suddenly thought one day that making a movie would be an intensely satisfying experience.

Shubham has already tagged Abhishek and Manish, I choose to tag Anna and Alex - its anyway been a some time since we had a post from them (especially Alex).

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  1. Well..you got me started again ;)

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