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Mumbai attacked ...

I have been restraining myself from making any blog post on the Mumbai Terror drama since the past 24 hours - but its gone on for too long now for me to keep it low ...

First things first - I think its essential that our ministers take moral responsibility of what has happened. The two Home Ministers in specific - Shivraj Patil (India) and RR Patil (Maharashtra) should show some sense of morality by resigning. Why - you would ask .. well the lesser said about their performance and attitudes in such situations - the better.

Next - all our intelligence and security agencies (including Defense forces, Coast Guard, and IB/RAW) must take it up on them to identify where their systems failed when these kids with guns were running their mock-sessions to take Mumbai under siege.

Then - we must take some stern action against the organizations who have been involved. Laskhar, we know now operates out of Muzaffarabad in PoK - what is stopping us from taking a US-like approach and bombing their hideouts?

Finally - and most importantly, we as a nation and as a people need to beef up our preparedness for preventing such terrorist actions. Here is what each section of society needs to do: 
  • We, the people, need to become more and more alert about suspicious elements circulating around us. Yes, it does mean we start suspecting every young kid with a big bag trying to board the train - but its better to be suspicious than loose our lives ... more importantly our freedom and national pride as well along with them.
  • Local bodies like municipalities, railways etc- Vigilance, in form of CCTV cameras and other means needs to be beefed up across the country. If it means an expense to the ex-chequer, so be it; but at least in major metros which are centers of our growth - this MUST be done. 
  • Local Police forces need to be better equipped to handle and resist terror attacks - better arms, better communication & surveillance equipment and better safeguarding props. If terrorists operating this episode had sattelite phones, did our police forces have something even remotely competetive? 
  • Central and State governments need to put in place better coordination and information dissemination mechanisms. I wonder if we even have a central criminal record systems which can be accessed by all invenstigation agencies, leave alone a central intelligence information network.

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