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My Cellphones

I would not be too far from reality if I said that internet is my food and cellphones are my drinks. Yeah .. I am constantly using one of these two things - whether I am at work, at home, or on a vacation. So its particularly painful when my cellphone breaks down 

And so it was even more troublesome when this time my phone's keypad went bad and after 15-20 days of enduring it, and trying to get it repaired/replaced, I was told that it was beyond repair. So finally, I decided to spend some more moolah on another phone .... 


I bought a fully loaded HTC Touch (P3000) - Windows Mobile, 64MB memory, 2.8" touch-screen, 2 Megapixel Camera. What I am going to use most if the internet and To Do list features. The battery seems ok - runs 2 days flat without any problems. Tried the Google Maps app for starters - and 'twas awwsome.

So that takes my cellphone tally to 3 .. my previous 2 phones being

Nokia 2865
Nokia 2865
LG RD2130 
Nokia 2865

Post inspiration: Shubham 

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  1. You might also want to add that, in spite to changing 3 phones, you have retained the same number for more than 4.5 years.. since mid 2004 if I am not wrong :-)

  2. Hey, how much external memory can be installed??
    64MB sounds too less...

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