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The three of them had met after 3 years; reminiscing the days when they used to stay together. It used to be exciting - newly found jobs, a new city to struggle through/survive in and new stuff to learn at the workplace. Bachelor’s life had been exciting.

Sitting there in the restaurant, sipping on their drinks they all were brooding at the starter in front of them; forks and spoons in their hands playing with the vegetables.

Sheon was thinking about the strife his life had become, torn between the girl he loved and his parents who would not agree to their relationship. Samit was lost in thoughts of saving his job endangered by the recession, his two year old marriage and how he would retain the comfort and balance of his life in these turbulent times. Naveen was pondering over his failed startup, contemplating on what he would do next to get out of his 9-5 routine job.

In 2 years since they had gone separate ways, life had presented different set of challenges to each of them and each was today lost in the thought. The meet up felt deliberate; none of them wanted to come, but the old bonds pulled them together to join.

They did not mention their problems to the others leave alone discussing them. As much as they wished to let their feelings out, they did not dare - lest the other two may think any less of them.

When Sheon moved out to take a phone call, Naveen and Samit talked about troubles of Sheon’s life and how they felt sad for him. Similar discussion happened between Sheon and Samit when Naveen went to the loo; and ditto when Samit stepped out to take his wife’s call.

As they played with their starter and sipped their drinks in a quite ritual, they occasionally talked about old times and college days - each in a mock attempt to distract the others from seeing through him at his troubled eyes, which concealed little and revealed a lot.

(...not planned to be continued but feel free to extend on your own if you wish to and if you do, leave a link of your continuation in comments below)

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