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Coda: Entrepreneurship education in India

On the chain of thoughts on Entreprenuership, Ujjwal Banerjee - one of my seniors from NITIE also posted his thought. Ujjwal as some of you may recognize is one of the finalists of the Lead India contest held by Times of India. 

Ujjwal, true to his iconoclast image strikes a completely different perspective on Entreprenuership - that of the Individual's choice. Read on ...  

"I belief in Libertarian school of thought where the individual is given complete autonomy to decide what he/she chooses to do in life. The government and society should faciliate that ideal and allow people to flourish and ensure that they abide by the rule of law.

"The role of education is to help them become rounded individuals where they not only acquire certain skills, but also understand the responsibility they have towards their fellow beings, nation, environment and the world at large. Today the education is more focussed on skill building that too for the section of society above a certain economic strata.

"Once an individual goes through that grind, whether he wants to work for an organization or wants to setup an enterprise is completely his prerogative. Tendulkars, R D Burman, AR Rehman, Mohammn Younus, Gates, Murty, Steve Jobs and countless other people who are trying to setup are not created in classrooms. Entrepreneruship, just like deep excellence in specialised fields like sports, art, theatre, political and social activits are all products of their inner calling. I don't believe in being born with something or even in fate for that matter since this argument doesn't take me anywhere.

"If youngsters are able to utilize on 30-40% of their time and are wasting the rest of the time, then its the role of the system to provide them outlets where they can explore their own potential. Its the fault of these students, parents, government, schools, colleges who have not been successful in explaining them how to make the best use of their time and to show them the avenues to do that well. This is another major point of difference between the developed world thinking and thinking in our country. Its a complex problem with no easy answers. There is simply no point in criticising them as an altogether book based mode of education with limited exposure to application has created half baked minds.

"In the interim changes can be made in curriculum to develop those core capacities which can build in students ability to think differently from a very early stage. Post graduation is too late for it. Students join B Schools with a clear focus on getting a job and anything which kinds of disturbs that thought process and doesn't seem viable enough will not be accepted with open hearts.

"For example there are a lot of things that people should be doing along with being entrepreneurial. They should feel for environment, take care of old people, be concerned about poor people, be vigilant as citizens and work towards a strong democracy and so on. Hence I can't get depressed why people are not thinking on those lines. We really can't get perplexed in seeing the end product when the entire process that led to this state has been ignored.

"In the assembly line of education, last two years of education give the final finishing which makes an individual suited to the economy. All the core capacities of cognitive development, affective factors and social skills develop through years of interactions at various levels. The last two years are not the time to create upheavels in the minds. They are meant to be provided clarity and skills which will help them do what STUDENTS WANT TO DO as that is when they would be able to add value to the economy as well as to their own self.

"Whether they want to do a job or want to become entrepreneurs is their personal choice. We should not meddle with it.

"I have complete respect for Freedom of Mind of an Individual. Lets not dictate our terms. It won't cut any ice."

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  1. That is an awesome speech...Thanks for sharing it.

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