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Main Chalta gaya .. Car'waan Banta gaya

Its been 8 months since I got the delivery of my Car (on August 7th, 2008); I recently clocked the 10001st kilometer on the road in my car. 


A couple of days before that, I clocked 9337 kilometers - so what's so special with that. Just that my registration number also happens to be 9337 and I was fortunate to notice the meter when it turned to 9337. 

My experience with driving my own car has been great till now - the machine - Maruti WagonR Duo runs pretty cool. Except for a little lack of pick up at high speeds, the LGP engine works just like Petrol hile saving money and of course environment as well. 

I have done 2 Pune trips, 1 Lonavla drive, 1 trip to Daman and numerous trips to the Palm beach road and South Mumbai - trust me having your own car to drive around gives you a feeling of freedom - Iyamlouvingyit ... 

Here are some snaps of my Lonavla trip with friends (way back in September).
[Click the images below to get enlarged Flickr versions]

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway - one of the finest roads in India to drive on.

A tunnel on the expressway ... 

A spot along the expressway - 3 our of the 4 of us who visited. Sanjeev, Arijit, Me (from bottom to top)

My Car ... Anoop's artistic take ..

With my car on the slope leading to Lonavla city - off the Expressway

Duke's Point in Khandala - overlooking the Expressway .. Anoop, Arijit, Sanjeev 

Me and Sajeev looking into the Lonavla valley from North Point

Me, Arijit and Sanjeev - Duke's point again!

Another artisitic take by Anoop - subject: My car Keys ... 

Anoop, Arijit and me at the North point - one of the topmost points in the valley - it was one of the toughest climbs for the car - quite steep - but we managed well with 4 of us sitting inside :-)

The car and the hillock - from North Point

Me ... at North point 

Another North point shot

Another artistic take by Anoop

Check out the step garden in the snap below - taken from the North Point

On the way back to Mumbai ...  

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  1. nice view and countryside...reminds me of SRK's Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman

  2. wah kya Car-nama hai !!
    tu to Car-sevak ban gaya !!
    aur bade Car-amaat karne laga !!

    sorry for the PJs.. could not resist myself after seeing your post title.. :-)

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