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Role of the society

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While my point on the US culture and subsequent responses, has anyway addressed a lot, Prof Prasad's take on Indian society is worth mentioning. 
I feel - what is there in USA we cannot (in economic terms) provide in India. And even if you provide all those things which are in USA to the Indian audience, we cannot achieve the results what US achieved with their method, because we are different on many other things.

We are culturally and socially different compared to USA. There people work, People tell and do the same things, there is no inheritance of wealth, youth are made to work. In such a system the VC system works. 

Let me now come to what India is when compared to USA on enterprising front. In India, the social system is [built on] spoon feeding. 45 year olds are controlled and mentored by their elders. Till 30 years [of age] there is complete dependence on the parents. Parents want to continue the dependence syndrome even further. There are good and bad [effects] of this kind of a system. That is a different issue once again but this cannot [does not] support enterprising among the people. And so even if you provide US kind of things in India, these things wont lead to improved enterprising.

We cannot create a completely different culture. Culture evolves on its own; of course some interventions can be made by us; we can make changes in learning and contribute to the the change of culture.

Further, I believe that to change something we don't need to change everything - change 1 percent and 99 percent can be changed. This is called innovation - we Indians are really innovative - we can do this.
Rohit too feels the same about the India-US debate: 
The greatest help a country can give to its entrepreneurs is GROWTH and MARKET: Every country is different, and no doubt US stands at the top of the heap. But there is only one US in the world. And you cannot choose your country of birth. You have to make do from what you have. While education system is important, entrepreneurs gain more from a LARGE and GROWING market.

An Australian Head of Business once told me: How lucky you Indians are to be in a GROWING economy when the ECONOMY is growing. A growing economy creates space for more entrepreneurs. To succeed in a large but stagnant economy, you will have to displace an existing market player. So, its important to be LARGE economy, and that economy should be growing. India has both of them. US has a large and receding economy. I would prefer to be in India than US if I were starting now. 
Change 1 % and drive 99% - this is precisely what Prof. Prasad is trying out at NITIE. Success I believe will come with a combination of factors. May be students taught by him will one day grow successful ventures. These ventures will become the "inspiration" for younger students. 

In essence, we all need to keep working. Prof Prasad in the institute and we - his students- outside to start and make a success of our ventures. Together, as Prof Prasad put it "we can create a big force".

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