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I feel that entrepreneurs are born with it and they can only be provided the right opportunities. Such opportunities are available to a lot of people in the US - opportunities like 
  • Universities which will allow you to stay in the hostel, not attend classes, but work on your ideas
  • People who are ready to give you a pocket money to run your life while you are busy burning midnight oil in a garage working on your startup
  • Proper funding when you see a business rise beyond the curve
Unfortunately, we don't have such things in India. 

Note that even in the US, its is not specific courses - definitely not MBA courses - which have churned out entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have come out of regular courses on software engineering or energy research or aviation technology or plain accounting or commerce (Steve Jobbs & Bill Gates). 

But what has differentiated such courses from similar ones in India is the prevailing culture of the institutions themselves which encourages enterprise. 

However, again Prof. Prasad disagrees with me.
In my view, more than the above there are other things that are required before answering this stage. Before coming to this stage the prior preparation stage is most important. If people are provided necessary life related enterprising experiences through learning  the prospective entrepreneurs will come to this stage; whether these things are required or not is a different question, what is required at this level once again different question. But, we are mixing the things in the two stages and trying to answer the imperfect earlier stage with the next stage related issues.
Rohit, an entrepreneur himself has another view:
Help always comes when you don't need it:  Call it Murphy's law, or law of inverses..but its true. No help has ever been available when you despair for help. Help  comes when a situation arises such that helping you would mean helping the helper. Usually, this will only happen AFTER you have successfully navigated the hardships, not BEFORE.
[... to be continued]

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