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The Courtship

I haven't updated much about my personal life during the past 6 months ... probably the most 'unusual' 6 months of my life. I met Divya exactly 6 months ago on July 12th (this was at the Oberoi Mall, Goregaon), and probably the first time I drove her back to her office in KulupwadiBorivali (also the locality where she stays .. till now).

Sidethought: I am feeling spooky about my life again! My courtship is ending in an exact 6 months (a limit I secretly desired for my courtship period). I got engaged on 15th August and am getting married on 25th December. Something is really spooky ... why does my life have so many 'perfect' endings?
Since then there have been numerous trips to Borivali - in fact averaging 2 per week - one each on Saturdays and Sundays. Today, as I was driving back on the Western Express, I suddenly felt nostalgic realizing the fact that today was the last time I dropped Divya off to 'her' home in Borivali; the last time I was driving back as a bachelor from Borivali to Powai; the last weekend of continuous trips to and from Borivali was almost over ...

I endured a lot on this road in the last 6 months .. the making of the Kandivali (Times of India) flyover and the resulting dreaded traffic jam, the loads of cars from JVLR to Malad moving at snails pace, the crappy cab and call center drivers, the potholed turning from WE Highway into the JVLR at Jogeshwari and numerous sights of Oberoi Mall - getting the butterfly in my stomach everytime I cross it.

In the meanwhile, Divya who came in my life as fresh breeze on a a newly discovered hillock has become inseparable part of my life - more so without letting me feel so much in the intervening period. My life which felt just about ok till I met her, now feels enriched and fulfilled by the voids she filled in me, which I never knew existed.

Another sopan in life comes to an end - while my bachelorhood ends officially this Christmas - practically, today marks the end of my courtship period!

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  1. Here's hoping that your married life even more enjoyable than your bachelor life has been. Hope the new person will bring new perspectives in your life, and help you pursue all your passions will more vigor than ever before.
    All the best !!

  2. Congratulations and best wishes for a happy married life.

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