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6 years and going strong

This blog was started on the same day 6 years ago - much has transcended over the internet and in my life since then. Blogging came, became a rage and slowly stabilized. The less serious bloggers moved to Facebook and Twitter while the serious (aka professional) blogs have morphed into full fledged content portals.

For me sitting at neither end of the spectrum- 7 years and 515 posts later - this place continues to live with increased enthusiasm. Nevertheless over the years, this blog has (I hope!) improved in content - less personal updates and more meaningful posts whether on Socio-Political matters, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Education, Management etc or literary experiments such as Stories and Poems or occasional Philosophical Musings.

In fact I have skinned the blog in the new template with an intent to make the site easily surfable and better presented in terms of the variety of content it offers. The blog is also reachable now from a new URL www.nikhilkulkarni.in - the old URL http://the-complete-man.blogspot.com will also continue to remain available.

I hope people continue find my blog interesting enough and I keep blogging for the foreseeable future. Do leave your comments for any suggestions, improvement etc.

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  1. Congratulations Nikhil.. good going...:)

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