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The irony of our times ...

The irony of our times ...
  • Those who oppose crimes against themselves, inflict crimes on their own people 
  • Those who want peace within, advocate bombing the 'criminal' states 
  • Those who oppose 'repressive' regimes, side with them when the 'rebels' start bombing their countries 
  • Those who work for off-shoring IT businesses, condemn governments for allowing cheap Chinese imports 
  • 'Export' cloth manufacturers encourage laws restricting of foreign manufactured vehicles
  • Families who built houses with repatriation money castigate illegal immigrants from neighboring countries 
  • Those who worship most feverishly are also those who preach hatred
  • People conduct 'culture' festivals at the Bank of rivers damaging fragile ecosystems on the riverbed 
  • Those who find affirmation action 'unfair' to the majority cringe when the government taxes their savings 
  • Minorities always cite the law; majorities make the law! 
  • My opportunity is fair - if they trouble you, you are incapable of adapting to change 
  • My troubles are unfair because they result from injustice meted out by chosen few to the majority 
It is easy to get drowned in the cacophony of media - especially the very personalized Social Media - but it is too damn hard to think with a clear mind about right vs. wrong, courageous vs. tactical, hard-work vs. smart-shortcut; and the answers are often too damning in the short term! History however proves that in the long run, justice is delivered and truth prevails - as they say सत्यमेव जयते !!

Image Source: The Dawn

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  1. Everyone is trapped in the matrix.
    survival looks like the only escape.

    consciousness will evolve.
    co existence will win.

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